(Français) Dans le jury de l’International Nature and Environmental Film

For a change of perspective, this time I’m pleased to announce that I’m on the jury of International Nature and Environmental Film, a historic Hungarian nature documentary film festival.

An experience that has given me the opportunity to discover many beautiful nature films that not only immerse us in the wilderness of many different countries, but also narrate the global environmental problems that now destroy every ecosystem. It is also interesting to observe how many films deal with the theme of #Rewild, meaning how the planet can be re-naturalised in an effort to restore biodiversity. This raises a fundamental question about the human-nature relationship and how, although rewild is certainly a right direction, the ways of ‘protection’ and ‘conservation’, which also include the manipulation of nature, have yet to be deeply explored, as these documentaries tell us.

This weekend I will have the privilege of attending the festival at the Royal Castle in Gödöllő, near Budapest, and to reflect on the not easy question of man’s place in nature…

With the help of an automatic translator, you might even discover the programme and selection of this ambitious festival!

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