From breeding to wool

Full video “From breeding to wool”


The Briançon region has a strong tradition of breeding and wool production in its natural, cultural and historical landscape. Sheep breeding allowed the production of meat, milk and wool. But these types of skills are in danger.

The history and current situation are described through interviews with three women involved in these sectors: Marie-Thérèse Chaupin, coordinator of the association ATELIER Laine d’Europe, Elsa Giraud, historian, and Bernadette Brunet, manager of the Maison des Bêtes à Laine.

Technical Info

France, 2015, HD, 13′
Directors : Salvo Manzone, Francesca Cominelli
Image : Salvo Manzone, Léa Butez
Editing : Lucrezia Lippi
With: Bernadette BRUNET, Marie-Thérèse CHAUPIN, Elsa GIRAUD

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