Aimée Carmoz International Prize for environment sustainability

Competition Announcement

Art. 1 Institution

Aimée Pierrette Carmoz (02/08/1929-23/05/2019) has been a great environment fighter. Hundreds have been her battles to defend the environment, to protect landscape, to pursue Zero Waste horizon, for renewable energies, etc., particularly in the little Stromboli island, where she lived.

With the aim to celebrate her distinguished figure, a voluntary commitee of associations, agencies, officials, citizens and companies, named “In ricordo di Aimée Carmoz” (For Aimée Carmoz memory), has announced a competition for the 2020 Aimée Carmoz International Prize for environment sustainability .

Art. 2 Purposes

The competition is finalised, according to the Aimée Carmoz life example, to pursue one or more of the following purposes:

  1. Growth of the ecological awareness of citizens, private and public enterprises, local agencies, public companies, institutions and governments;
  2. Management of administrative processes inspired to the environment and economical sustainability;
  3. Circular economy development and ecological conversion of the economic system;
  4. Fight against the climatic alterations
  5. Renewable energy and materials development;
  6. Materials and energy savings ;
  7. Sobriety in consumptions and new lifestyles;
  8. Zero Waste Strategy.

Art. 3 Participation

The competition is open to everybody, individuals, companies and associations, through projects inspired to the purposes quoted at the art. 2 of the present announcement.

Particular attention will be payed to projects aiming to implement good practices and to be accomplished within small Mediterranean islands, with special consideration to the impact reduction of the management of urban wastes, drinkable water, renewable energy production, local production of organic farming, with the purpose to protect the environment and reduce the dependence from overseas contribution.

Projects based on incineration, pyrolysis and gasification as well as landfill disposal of wastes, or howsoever not addressed to materials recovery will be excluded

The “In ricordo di Aimée Carmoz”, the associations and the individuals constituting it will engage themselves to set at the pertinent institutions, in order facilitate the realization of the project.

Art. 4 Selection board

The selection board will be constituted by international experts, with breadth skills intended to guarantee the many disciplines knowledge of the board. Members will be selected by the scientific board of the committee In ricordo di AImèe Carmoz.

The membership to the board will not be paid for.

The committee In ricordo di AImèe Carmoz board and Zero Waste Sicilia warrant that in the prize conduction the intellectual individual and/or industrial properties will be duly respected, accordingly to sector legislation.

Art. 5 Score assignment

The assignment of projects cores will follow this 100 points basis:

  • 20 points to scientific validity and originality;
  • 30 points for general feasibility of the project;
  • 20 points to the art.2 purposes pertinence;
  • 10 points for the applicability to Mediterranean small islands;
  • 10 points for the applicability to Stromboli island;
  • 10 points for economicity.

For each of the above items the board members will assign a score within 1 and the indicated max value, the lowest and the highest score will be discarded and the mean value will be assignated to the project.

In case o ex-aequo, the prize or the prizes will be equally divided among the winners.

Art. 5 Prize amount and delivery

The amount of the 2020 Aimée Carmoz international prize is € 5000, except for eventual raises depending on the crowd funding announced for it.

The prize ceremony will be held in Stromboli (Messina, Italy) on August 2nd 2020.

Art. 6 How to participate

The projects can be presented only in electronic format and by mailing them to the e-mail address, together with the participation form and the declaration of intellectual property enclosed to this announcement.

The presentation deadline is fixed to April 30th 2020.

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