Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy explained by fruits and vegetables

If the vegetables could helps us to understand how we can cure brain cancer?


Photodynamic therapy is based on the local application of a photosensitizing product that the tumour cells absorb longer than healthy cells. After a period of time, when most of the healthy cells have eliminated the product, the area to be treated is treated with a specific laser light that leads to the destruction of cancerous cells including gliobastomas.

The video is the fruit of the 48h short film competition organized by Pariscience

cancer, epigenetic, therapy, malignant, green, fruit, stop-motion, light

Technical info

France, 2016, 4′
Directors: Salvo Manzone, Clément Dupont
Cinematographer: Matteo Baghino
Editing: Isabelle Putod
Production: Emanuela Righi, Sandrine Dupuy
Music: Hervé Le Dorlot, Clément Dupont alias Axisse
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Italian

Link and Press review

-Publication on Science et avenir : Ils expliquent les neurosciences avec des légumes

-The 5 videos of the competition published by Association Science Télévision

-Article on the site L’INSERM, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale

-Technical info on Serimedis, La banque d’images de l’Inserm

-Direct link to the video on Serimedis

-La news sur le site de l’unité de recherche INSERM 1189 ONCO-THAI

The videos made were projected on October 17, 2016; during the ninth edition of the Imagine Science Films Festival in New York, inside the Symbiosis Film Competition.
Following this diffusion the film has aroused a lively interest, and several laudatory articles

-La vidéo sur Labocine

“If the vegetables could helps us to understand how we can cure brain cancer? A inspiring and aesthetic film, which brings hope, showing how light can be used as a efficient treatment”

-Un article du directeur du festival sur Labocine

“The winning film Photodynamic Therapy was celebrated for its ability to use a unique approach of vegetables and fruits to explain light-directed therapy to remove malignant tumors”.

-Un article sur Medium Watch Incredible Short Films Made in 48 Hours by Random Teams of French Scientists & Filmmakers

What happens when a scientist and filmmaker are paired up at random and challenged to write, shoot, edit, and score a new short film within 48 hours?


The photos of the “Making of” by Sandrine Dupuy
Making of Thérapie Photodynamique

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