The waste Barter

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Even such a small thing like waste separation becomes a gigantic problem. Waste separation inStrombolidoes not work properly; therefore Aimée has been collecting her recyclables for years rather than throwing them away: milk bottles, newspapers and other materials. In her garden she had been piling up tons of glass bottles, and her attic was full of stacks of paper.

Finally she finds out that Ecopunto inMessinais able to accept these materials and they are willing to barter them with other products. So Aimée can get rid of them while respecting the environment. There is only one catch, she needs to have them transported by ship to the collection point at her own expenses! But this ain’t gonna stop Aimée!

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Il baratto dei rifiuti 40
Il baratto dei rifiuti 1′
Il baratto dei rifiuti 10′
Il baratto dei rifiuti 24′


Italia, 2014, HD, 1′/10’/24′
Regia e soggetto : Salvo Manzone
Fotografia : Salvo Manzone
Montaggio :Salvo Manzone, Antonio Giosuè
Musiche : St. Vincent – These Days, Luigi Marchitelli – Principessa
Con : Aimée Carmoz, Franco Scibilia, Maurizio Alfano , Renata Pettineo, Roberto Iraci, Antonina Saja
Lingua originale : italiano
Ecologia, rifiuti, riciclo, vetro, bottiglie, carta,

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