Screening of “The Cruise” at Sutri (VT), Italy.

“Banana peels cruise” will be screened Saturday 22nd March in Sutri (VT), near Rome, during an event about composting organized by the Luk Eri Association, with the participation of the Dr. Fabio Musmeci, an ENEA member (National agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development), expert in composting techniques.

From 2011, the Luk Eri Association, managed by Mario Cumbat, promotes arts and culture in Tuscia, an historical region of Italy, organizing events, like film screenings or debates, with the presence of several experts in each domain.
Furthermore, on 27th June 2014, our movie will be part of the didactic materials that Dr. Fabio Musmeci will use during a Summer School organized by Tuscia University, where he will give a class about domestic and community composting.

We’re proud to be part of it, and we hope you will be there!

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