Claudio Lolli: when the music saves your life

Claudio Lolli: when the music saves your life

This documentary is a portrait of Claudio Lolli, the great Italian songwriter, but also intellectual and poet, famed in 70′s as the singer of ’77 Movement. He has continued far from limelight his artistic way until today.


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Claudio Lolli is considered from many people (and not only his fans) one landmark of the Italian art song, above all of the committed music and of that one with political protest roots. Now is considered an old dinosaur, so he belongs in a kind of musical archaeology. Unknown by many people, he is much loved by all those who know him; the documentary shows faces and declarations of many Lollians from all parts of Italy, not only of that ones of Bologna.

Side by side the film goes through its 30 years of musical career, from the first album “Waiting for Godot” (1972), recorded by EMI, until the last one, making a kind of “The Best of”. It’s the history of his songs, but this is, clearly, his history too and also that one of all the people for which his songs have meant very much.

Technical Info

Italy, 2002
Duration: 78′, 64′ (and 52′), 15′
Director: Salvo Manzone
Cinematographer: Salvo Manzone, Alice Barrese, Tommaso Volpi, Alessia Lo Porto e altri
Editing: Salvo Manzone
Music: Claudio Lolli
Production: Epinoia
Language: Italian
Subtitles: French
Cast: Claudio Lolli, Paolo Capodacqua, Francesco Guccini, Rambaldo Degli Azzoni, Cesare De Michelis, Fulvio Abbate and others.

Biography, Italy, Bologna, Music, Politic, Movement 77, Emilia-Romagna, songwriter, author-composer-interpreter, young people, left

Director’s statement

Even if I don’t inquire directly into my relations with him, the point of view of the documentary is that one of someone for which his music has represented and still represents something of very important. His melodies, more than lyrics, are stamped in my memory indelibly and unalterably. The question that I posed to myself making the documentary and meeting all the lollians around Italy was this: am I the only one to feel his music deeply and viscerally, because it was engraved in the tender heart of my youth or is itself of a such kind to give these eternal emotions to every feeling heart, at all ages?


Long version

bATìk.Film.Festival, Perugia 2002
Maremma Doc Festival, Pitigliano 2002
CostaIblea filmfestival, Ragusa 2002

French version

5ème Quinzaine du cinéma italien à Paris 2004

Short version

Taormina film festival 2003
Visionaria, Siena 2003
VisioniItaliane, Bologna 2003
Prima Aziz, Palermo 2004
Malescorto, Malesco 2004
Magma, Catania 2004
Videoteca Candiani, Mestre 2004


Lino Micciché Award 2005



La pagina del vecchio sito dedicata al documentario:

-Claudio Lolli: salvarsi la vita con la musica


  1. Claudio Lolli: when the music saves your life

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  2. Claudio Lolli: when the music saves your life

    Buonasera, vorrei sapere se è possibile reperire da qualche parte il documentario i dvd su Claudio Lolli, salvarsi la vita con la musica, grazie, Marco

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