Artisanal lime production

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Since 2003, during the “Day of Forgotten Skills”, lime-making techniques have been practiced and shown to the public. They are presented in the kiln area of Villard-St-Pancrace built by the Geological and Mining Society of Briançonnais in partnership with the municipality.

For the oven to be on during the day of the festival, lighting must begin before sunrise. The artisanal manufacture of lime has existed in the Briançonnais for centuries, but today its practice is becoming rarer.

Technical info

France, 2015, HD, 10′
Directors: Salvo Manzone, Francesca Cominelli
Cinematography: Salvo Manzone, Léa Butez
Editing: Lucrezia Lippi
With: Paul Fine, Jean-Yves Montalais, Isabelle Fouilloy-Jullien

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